Winery Equipment

Our equipment is here!

You can’t operate a winery without equipment so here are a few of the major items to arrive.

Crusher & Destemmer:  This machine strips the berries from the clusters and crushes them to get the juice flowing.

Ferment Bins:  The crushed berries fall into the ferment bins where the yeast begins to do its job.

Wine Press:  The machine squeezes all the juice out of the crushed berries while preventing seeds, stems, and skins from getting back into the juice.  This particular model is a watr bladder press.

Tanks:  You need multiple tanks of different capacities for the fermenting juice.  As fermentation proceeds, the wine must removed (racking) from the accumulated dead yeast cells and moved to fresh tanks.  Generally speaking, wine would be racked 3 times of more before final clarification and filtering.

Above are two (2) 200-liter tanks (53 gallons)

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